If the scrambled thoughts and opinions of a young on-the-road-to-being educated Latina in relation to community & art interest you at all, follow this blog! It’ll be great.

Art seems to be labeled as risky business. Sometimes just as a risk. Take that whichever way you will. As a first generation, low income, Latina college student it was hard to take it as a good thing.  I was super set on studying Architecture (a recurring plan I've found among my fellow Latinx Art Students to ease the minds of their parents). I got in to the Architecture and Design school at the University of Minnesota. But then I got accepted to USC (Southern California, not Carolina). It's a great school, except I got accepted as "Undeclared", so whatever major I ended up choosing I'd have to apply first. I spent a lot of time wondering if I made the right choice in choosing to go to one of the extremes of the continent to be an undeclared student, when I had it pretty much made here at home.

Anyways, during my first year I explored architecture and took some classes before applying to the architecture school. But I quickly realized I enjoyed the creating aspect of it much more than everything else. I took a Housing Design class in which we got to visit crazy mansions and write about the architectural features and design. I took another class called “The Architect’s Sketchbook” where I drew many buildings. My drawings only got better, and the advice I received from architecture students was always negative (even though I’m sure they still love what they do….) SO I landed in the happy medium of Design and Urban Planning, because the cool thing about college is you can study more than one thing at a time.

Now, I’ve just wrapped up my 2nd year of undergrad and I got this cool internship. If I had a title, it would probably be something along the lines of “Marketing Assistant”. I take pictures, document events and upkeep this bangin' blog.

Goodspace is the perfect mix of art, design, and everything else that matters to me.

That’s a bit about me. I welcome you in joining me on this summer long journey as I explore Minneapolis and the greater Twin Cities area, immerse myself in some unique and beautiful communities, and help make some AMAZING murals.

Kulture Klub Week 2: The Design Process Continues

We did another activity, same base of musical chairs. Super similar to the last activity, but on a smaller scale. We started off with a blank sheet of paper each. One word was said out loud, and we drew what it made us. Then we passed it, and a new word was said, and we add to the drawing that was passed to us, whatever the new word enticed us to draw.  

Per Usual, we shared the final products and discussed the visual implications and aspects we found most interesting. In my opinion this is the key to the communal conception of a mural. We are subconsciously inspired by images and words. Speaking out loud and creating in groups helps us see outside our own repetitive thoughts, and think beyond our own ideas.

Someone told me there is no such thing as originality. Being creative is to be inspired by your senses, and create your own version of what you saw, smelled, felt and  heard.

After inspiring each other, we began creating our own individual mural designs.

Here are some of the designs:

After sharing those, we went into collaboration mode. We split into groups to come up with some designs that helped us figure out how to incorporate multiple visions into one image.

Each workshop day we learn more about murals, designing, and each other. I’m excited to see what the final mural will end up looking like.