If the scrambled thoughts and opinions of a young on-the-road-to-being educated Latina in relation to community & art interest you at all, follow this blog! It’ll be great.

Art seems to be labeled as risky business. Sometimes just as a risk. Take that whichever way you will. As a first generation, low income, Latina college student it was hard to take it as a good thing.  I was super set on studying Architecture (a recurring plan I've found among my fellow Latinx Art Students to ease the minds of their parents). I got in to the Architecture and Design school at the University of Minnesota. But then I got accepted to USC (Southern California, not Carolina). It's a great school, except I got accepted as "Undeclared", so whatever major I ended up choosing I'd have to apply first. I spent a lot of time wondering if I made the right choice in choosing to go to one of the extremes of the continent to be an undeclared student, when I had it pretty much made here at home.

Anyways, during my first year I explored architecture and took some classes before applying to the architecture school. But I quickly realized I enjoyed the creating aspect of it much more than everything else. I took a Housing Design class in which we got to visit crazy mansions and write about the architectural features and design. I took another class called “The Architect’s Sketchbook” where I drew many buildings. My drawings only got better, and the advice I received from architecture students was always negative (even though I’m sure they still love what they do….) SO I landed in the happy medium of Design and Urban Planning, because the cool thing about college is you can study more than one thing at a time.

Now, I’ve just wrapped up my 2nd year of undergrad and I got this cool internship. If I had a title, it would probably be something along the lines of “Marketing Assistant”. I take pictures, document events and upkeep this bangin' blog.

Goodspace is the perfect mix of art, design, and everything else that matters to me.

That’s a bit about me. I welcome you in joining me on this summer long journey as I explore Minneapolis and the greater Twin Cities area, immerse myself in some unique and beautiful communities, and help make some AMAZING murals.

The Mural

Finally! The painting begins!

The Final Design was presented, and amendments made. Now the actual fabrication of the mural.

Goodspace murals uses an indirect method, where the image is projected onto cloths, outlined and then taken down and filled in. This makes the mural portable, meaning it is more accessible to others, in this case we were able to take it to Vulture Club so we could work on it together, and we’ll then take it to the studio to overpaint and touch up, and then we’ll bring it back and install on the Project for pride in living building.


In case you’re interested, here's a little run down of how the whole process works.

Once the design is finalized

  1. The design is digitized and converted into a grid system so we can work in sections and able to assemble it later.

  2. Large squares of a material called polytab are cut, measuring 5’ x4’ 11.5” in

  3. Polytab is mounted onto a wall with staples. The number of polytabs varies depending on the size and shape of the mural.

  4. The Design is projected onto the wall with the poly tabs, using a projector.

  5. One of the lovely studio assistants traces the design with a thin brush and fast drying paint, getting the basic shapes.

  6. Referencing the design, an assistant numbers the shapes to match an underpaint color palette we create unique to each mural.

  7. The Polytabs are taken down from the wall, and folded for easy transportation.

  8. They are taken to their community event, in this case it was closed sessions with Kulture Klub, other times we have Paint Parties at parks or near wherever the mural will be installed.

  9. We paint! At this point it’s a paint by numbers, designed to be inclusive of a wide range of ages and abilities. We provide everything needed.

  10. We take the poly tabs back to the studio, and do the overpainting, which is more detailed and brings the shapes of the underpainting to life.

  11. Finally installation! The Mural is installed in it’s intended final home where it is adhered to its wall using Nova Gel, for a long lasting hold!

This is just a brief run through of what happens, but hopefully you got a good idea of all the hard work, time, and love that goes into each mural GoodSpace helps create.

The Kulture Klub Mural is scheduled to be up by mid August! So take a look if you’re in the neighborhood:) and make sure to let the youth who live there know how great their mural is.