Who We Are

Greta McLain, Artistic Director

Greta McLain has over 10 years of mural making experience spent exploring the ways that art can bring communities together, the power of visual language to activate voice, and the potential of art as a vehicle for hands-on organizing and educating. She has traveled to South America and Europe studying new and traditional techniques. She has created projects in and around Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Memphis, Philadelphia, Argentina, Mexico, and France.

Greta has shown her deep commitment to her South Minneapolis community with over 30+ murals and 15+ community projects in the Twin Cities. She continues to work out of Minneapolis and travels around the country/world doing projects wherever community art can be activated as a tool for positive community engagement! She earned her BA from University of California Davis and her MFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design.


Jacqui Rosenbush, Project Lead, Assistant Artist

Jacqui Rosenbush is a multimedia artist born and raised in Minnesota. She began working with Greta in 2012 and stepped into a Project Lead role in 2014. Jacqui has a passion for art and activism and over the last 12 years has honed her skills for art making, community engagement and communication through presidency of her former high school’s Earth Club, earning an International Baccalaureate Diploma in Visual Arts, core membership of Compassionate Action for Animals, teaching art to kids in private studios and public schools, as well as working alongside those with disabilities. Through her work at GoodSpace, she has been able to continue that active voice through community murals. During her years at the University of Minnesota, she studied visual art and culture in Mexico and Venezuela, earning a BA in Studio Art in 2009. Her artistic themes center on traditional folk art and abstract ambient compositions in sculpture, painting, and photography. She also just became a mom and is super pumped about that! 

Samie Johnson

Samie Johnson, Assistant Artist

Samie Johnson is a learner and community member born and raised in Minneapolis. They have been working with Goodspace on various mural projects since 2012. Samie began her arts education at Perpich Arts High School and spent 10 months post graduation participating in Public Allies- a leadership development Americorps program. This fall, Samie plans to pursue an associates degree in Community Development at MCTC. As an artist assistant at Goodspace, they continue to be inspired by the intersection of art, community building and spaces for social change and healing.

Eamonn McLain, Assistant Artist

Eamonn McLain grew up in the Minneapolis Public Schools (Ramsey IFAC and South Senior High) and graduated from the University of Minnesota with BFA in visual arts in 2011. He has worked with Greta McLain on and off since 2011.


Natalie Klemond, Studio Assistant

Natalie is from the Twin Cities. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota, with an emphasis in printmaking. After interning for Goodspace in 2017, Natalie decided to come back as an assistant. One of her most memorable experiences was being able to lead a mural project in Lanesboro MN, over the course of three days. Natalie is most interested in reproducible media and design work, including logos which she has created for GoodSpace Murals. At GoodSpace, she enjoys being able to put her artistic skills to work, the diverse and energetic team, and making ideas come to life through creating tangible works of art.


Follow Natalie on Instagram @nat.klem to see her prints and other artistic endeavors. 


Vivi Greco,  Assistant

Vivi has been involved with GoodSpace for four years and is now a full time assistant aspiring to learn more about facilitation and community engagement tools as part of the artistic process of creating community art. Vivi was hired straight out of highschool.  Never having imagined finding herself in such a space, Vivi has experienced continual growth in creating murals and community organizing. She feels that her job at GoodSpace “is to learn from amazing artists” and makes the most of the opportunity to learn everyday. She enjoys fostering community through painting with youth, helping them further beautify the communities they live in and building integrity through an artistic outlet.



Destiny Bilges, Studio Assistant

Destiny has been involved with GoodSpace projects since the 7th Grade, at just 13 years old. Now, she’s being trained in administrative work, inventory, and outreach. Community days are her “jam” and she loves community work and engagement. She has recently completed her first year at the University of Minnesota, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Minor in Business, and is contemplating curatorial work in the future. Her love of space making is an asset to GoodSpace Murals, and helps us create engaging spaces through art. Destiny is a mixed media artist who works with clay, plants and plaster, and enjoys collaborative art .


Check out Destiny’s work on Instagram @ destiny.noel



Andres Beccerra, Studio Assistant & IT Director

Andres studied at La Facultad de Informacion y Comunicacion in Uruguay, and moved to the United States in 2016. He is interested in the intersection where Art and Technology meet. He is mostly self taught in digital tools, and creates collages and mosaic art through the help of software, such as Illustrator. Andres also has a passion for community development. Andres will be leading a Professional Development Session for the GoodSpace Team, in which he will be leading a workshop in mosaic design using the technique of tessellation, and referencing the works of graphic artist M.C. Esher. Andres’s lively personality and innovative thinking brings excitement and efficiency every day to the Goodspace studio.


Follow him on Instagram @soybeci to see what amazing work he’s up to.


Natasha Perez, Studio Assistant

Natasha is a Puerto Rican artist visiting from Philadelphia, where she works with Latinx muralists focusing on cultural aspects and identities. Through her work with murals, she and community members are able to earn about their own ancestry by teaching, and telling stories of struggles and aspiration.  

Follow Natasha on Instagram @n.perezzz


Aaron Musickant, Studio Assistant

A Milwaukee native, Aaron came to Minneapolis to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Minnesota. He focuses on printmaking, relieve, screen printing, and intaglio. He is interested in Zines, book art, and handmade books. Aaron began involvement with GoodSpace during his semester in the art for social change program and is now a studio assistant. He enjoys the community that is created when working collectively as part of an artist team and thinks it’s beautiful to be part of a team that helps create an artist’s and community’s collaborative vision. Though Aaron thinks GoodSpace’s artwork contrasts his own, he believes that engaging the community is the “most important work” , and has been inspired by his time with GoodSpace to make projects that foster community participation, involve youth, and show people who might have thought otherwise that they can create art.

Aaron is currently working on a series of zines to compile into a larger body of work, which focuses on darker imagery and subject matter- such as mental health and perspective of society, focusing now on real life where things are dark rather than a perception.


Check it out on his Instagram  @_grave_lord_


Tina Monje, Studio Manager

Born and raised in Portland, Tina moved to Minnesota in 2011. She graduated from Augsburg College where she studied English and Creative Writing, with a minor in Art and Sociology. After working in mental health for a period of time, Tina came to work at GoodSpace where she found that like her work in mental health, the work done at GoodSpace too requires compassion, and a larger perspective of communities and spaces entered.

Tina was drawn to GoodSpace by the painting in large scale in a public setting, and working with and in community as opposed to making art in isolation. Tina finds that the GoodSpace studio is a matriarchal space, which is hard to find, even if strong women are present.

Tina loves painting, and the learning that comes with painting other people’s designs and style.

Mercedes (1).jpg

Mercedes Llanos, Assistant Artist

Originally from Argentina, Mercedes moved to the United States at the age of 13. She has earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2018. After graduating, Mercedes traveled South America painting murals. After returning to Argentina, she decided she wanted to keep growing as an artist. She came back to the United States, where she was invited to join the GoodSpace team. Mercedes will be attending Hunter College in January, where she will be pursuing her Master of Fine Arts, in program that is ranked one of the top Painting Graduate Programs in the Nations.

Mercedes is drawn to expressionism and fauvism ideas of painting. She likes the idea of painting what one feels, rather than what one sees, allowing for the use of vibrant colors.


Follow Mercedes on social media to see what she’s up to

Website: Mercedesllanos.weebly.com

Instagram @Mercedesllanosart   

FB: charo/arte


Liv Novotny, Studio Assistant

Liv is finishing up her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Minnesota, double majoring in Art and Journalism, with a minor in Design. Liv has loved painting her entire life, and got into mural painting by friends asking her to paint their homes. At school Liv works with printmaking and metal casting, and has done painting primarily on her own account. Liv began getting involved with GoodSpace one year ago, starting as a volunteer, then pursuing a position. Liv loves the community aspect GoodSpace takes on creating art, the paint parties, and school mural projects that empower youth with self representation. She thinks it’s special to connect with and encourage young people to do art and in touch with their creativity.  Liv views her job at GoodSpace as her “Dream Job” and would love to continue painting the rest of her life.

Check out Liv’s instagram @olivia.novot

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