GoodSpace Murals promotes community development through the creation of works of art. We are muralists who:

  • use art to promote community development and share the unique expression and interests of a community; reclaiming the stories and identity within public spaces
  • involve the community through socially relevant themes of inclusion + shared interest
  • teach a high quality process of fine-art making in the creation of a community mural
  • use the process of making a mural to teach about the significance of free expression and the power of the visual voice!


We provide the following services:

Large-scale, exterior or interior paint and/or mosaic murals

Small-scale, exterior or interior paint and/or mosaic murals

Community collaborated creation processes

Artist residencies

Guidance on processes to connect communities through artistic creation

Arts consulting and evaluation

Private commissions- home, office or business

Current Projects

  • MacRostie Art Center Mural, Grand Rapids, MN, 2018, in collaboration with MCAD. Lead artist Greta McLain.
  • Mountain Mural Mega Fest!, Harlan County, KY. In collaboration with Forecast Public Art and Kentucky Community Technical College. August 2-5, 2018.
  • Riverside Elementary Mural, Rochester, MN. Install fall 2018.
  • Hopkins West Junior High Mural, Hopkins, MN. Install winter 2018.
  • Lake Street Council Artist Organizer Team, Minneapolis, MN, 2017-18. Lead consultant: Candida Gonzalez.
  • City of Bloomington Gateway Mural in Wright's Lake Park. Bloomington, MN, 2017-18. Lead artist Greta McLain. 
  • Little Earth Mosaic Project, in collaboration with the Little Earth Youth Development Center, the Minneapolis American Indian Center, Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center and Natchez Beaulieu. Minneapolis, MN 2017-18.
  • Sheridan Elementary School residency and mural, Minneapolis, MN, 2017. Lead artists Greta McLain and Drew Peterson in collaboration with Forecast Public Art.
  • MSP Airport Silver Ramp mosaic, Minneapolis, MN. Install winter 2019.
  • Kulture Klub + YouthLink exterior mural, Minneapolis, MN, 2018.

Past Projects

  • Urban Roots Mural- Phoenix Market. In collaboration with Urban Roots Youth Council. East side Saint Paul, MN, 2017-18.
  • Reflected in Our Flight, Eagan Parking Garage. Eagan, MN, 2017. Lead artist Greta McLain.
  • East Side Mosaic Trash Cans, East Side Saint Paul, MN, 2017. Series of 3 mosaicked trash cans reflecting the cultures of the East Side. Created in collaboration with Indigenous Roots and the Dayton's Bluff Community Council. Lead artists Greta McLain, Jacqui Rosenbush, Clau Valentino and Natalie Klemond.
  • Wellstone International High School residency and mural, Minneapolis, MN, 2017. Lead artist Greta McLain in collaboration with Wellstone youth and Minneapolis Community Education.
  • Normandy Inn Lobby mural, Minneapolis, MN, 2017. Lead artist Greta McLain.
  • See Me Shine! Wilcox Tunnel Mural, Chattanooga, TN, 2017-18. Lead artist Greta McLain.
  • Interwoven and Emergence, Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN. Lead Artist Greta McLain.
  • Creative CityMaking ReCast Program artist team, Hennepin County, MN, 2017-18. Team: Candida Gonzalez and Greta McLain.
  • I am a Water Protector, East Side Saint Paul, MN, 2017. Series of 4 panels created in collaboration with MN350 and Indigenous Roots through the Northern Spark 2017 event and to be installed along East 7th Street. Lead artist Greta McLain and organizer Candida Gonzalez.
  • Ashtabula: River of Many Fish. 2 day polytab workshop and mural installation. Ashtabula, Ohio, 2017. Lead artist Greta McLain in collaboration with the Ashtabula Arts Center.
  • Lanesboro Arts Mural, Lanesboro, MN, 2017. Lead Artists Samie Johnson and Natalie Klemond.
  • Minneapolis Monarch Festival mosaic activity, 2017. Lead Artist Clau Valentino.
  • Minnehaha Mosaics, in collaboration with Lori Greene, Minneapolis, MN. Lead Artists Greta McLain and Lori Greene of Mosaic on a Stick.
  • La Academia Dual Immersion School Arts Residency, Chaska, MN. Lead Artist Greta McLain.
  • A New Constellation, The John & Denise Graves Foundation, Minneapolis, MN, 2017. Lead Artist Greta McLain.
  • I Am a Water Protector, Northern Spark 2017, in collaboration with MN350 and Indigenous Roots, Minneapolis, MN on June 10th, 2017- check out more here!
  • Esta Tierra es Para Ti y Para Mi, Advocates For Detainee Voices, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA, 2017. Lead Artist Greta McLain.
  • CUHCC Lobby Community Mural, Community University Health Care Clinic, Minneapolis, MN, 2017. Lead Artist Greta McLain.
  • Hennepin County Medical Center Mural, Minneapolis, MN, 2017. Lead Artist Greta McLain.
  • Love, Resistance and Revolution- A Community Festival, Arts coordination by Candida Gonzalez, Minneapolis, MN, 2016
  • Amplify Student Voices, Student Engagement and Advancement Board, Saint Paul Public Schools, MN, 2016. Lead Artist Greta McLain.
  • Roosevelt High School Stands With Standing Rock banner, Greta McLain in collaboration with RHS student Lauren MacKenzie, Minneapolis, MN 2016
  • Lyndale Neighborhood Association Gateway Mural, Minneapolis, MN, 2016. Lead Artist Greta McLain.
  • Mississippi Creative Arts Elementary residency, Saint Paul, MN, 2016
  • Richfield Artist Resident Engagement Program (RARE), Lyndale Gardens Mosaic Amphitheater, Minneapolis, MN, 2016 (Installation in Spring 2017)
  • Normandy Inn Mural, Minneapolis, MN, 2016. Lead Artist Greta McLain.
  • Lyndale Mural Project, Lyndale Community School/ Lyndale Neighborhood Association, Minneapolis, MN, 2016
  • Day of Action Through Art. In response to the killing of Philando Castile and in partnership with Lori Greene and Josh Sarantitis at JJ Hill Elementary School, Saint Paul, MN, 2016
  • Connections Mural, Folwell Performing Arts Magnet, Minneapolis, MN, 2015
  • Braided, Midway Neighborhood, Saint Paul, MN, 2015
  • Knollwood Mall Public Art Sculpture, Knollwood Mall, St. Louis Park, MN, 2015
  • The Rainbow Mural/Sing a Song of Uptown, Uptown, Minneapolis, MN , 2015
  • The Roosevelt Arts Wing Mural, Roosevelt High School, Minneapolis, MN, 2015
  • The Learner Project, Roosevelt High School, Minneapolis, MN, 2014
  • Where We Meet, Metro Transit Light Rail Bridge, Franklin Ave. Minneapolis, MN, 2014
  • CUHCC Community Mural; Celebrating Health, Here. Community University Health Care Clinic, Minneapolis, MN, 2014
  • The Phillip’s Neighborhood Gateway Mural-Juntos Crecemos, La Mexicana Grocery, Min-
    neapolis, MN, 2013/14. A Semilla Center Project, Greta McLain, lead artist.
  • Central Identity Project, Central Neighborhood/ Green Central Community School, Minneapolis, MN, 2013
  • We Shine, Green Central Community School, Minneapolis, MN, 2012/13- in collaboration with Jeremiah Bey
  • Constellations, Birch Lake Elementary School, White Bear Lake, MN, 2012
  • Of Being; Seven Studies in Artistic Voice: Mozaic Parking Garage Murals, Uptown, Min-
    neapolis, MN, 2011/2012
  • At the Bend of the Redwood, Marshall Area Fine Arts Council. Marshall, MN, 2011- In collaboration with Joshua Sarantitis

Media and Press

Greta McLain mural artist project, in conjunction with the Ashtabula Arts Center, Ashtabula Foundation and Ashtabula Downtown Development Association. Painting the mural, Sept. 10, 2017, first stage of the project.

Greta McLain talks about her upcoming project at Augsburg College- Check it!

Northern Spark is a free all-night art festival exploring the effects of climate change through participatory projects happening in neighborhoods along Metro Transit’s Green Line. From sunset on June 10 to sunrise on June 11, Northern Spark illuminated and drew audiences to neighborhoods and public spaces all along the METRO Green Line, connecting Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Attendees experienced the largest Northern Spark yet, with nearly 70 art projects organized around neighborhood nodes: Cedar Riverside/West Bank, Weisman Art Museum/East Bank, Little Africa/Snelling Ave, Rondo/Lexington Ave, and Little Mekong/ Western Ave. GoodSpace Murals collaborated with MN350 and Indigenous Roots on I Am a Water Protector. The large panels painted here are now installed on East 7th Street in Saint Paul. Video: Hamil Griffin-Cassidy and Ryan Stopera, Ubuntu Media Productions

The making of the Lyndale School Mural in 2016!